Monthly Online Competition Winners

(Ages 7 – 13)


A fun and educational Scratch competition for kids age of 7-13, fostering STEAM skills and coding confidence.



We’re thrilled to reveal the champions of our March competition, where innovation intersected with public health in recognition of World Health Day. Participants from across the Tinkercad community in Singapore showcased their creativity, constructing digital models inspired by the goal of promoting health and wellness.

Each project stood as a tribute to the skill and perseverance of our contestants, transforming this competition into an unparalleled experience.

After careful deliberation, we are excited to present the winners of the competition!

Winner – Prakash Dhanvarsini

Seng Kang Primary School

My project is called the fitness wheel. It is designed to be used as an individual or as a group. Every day, the user must do at least three activities. This fitness wheel encourages everyone to exercise daily to improve their health. You spin the wheel three times and do all three activities to use the wheel. This wheel is targeted at families as a fun family game and will help to encourage families to bond together and exercise together.

First Runner Up – Koh Zhenxi

Rosyth School

This is a headband that you are supposed to wear when you exercise and it works like a step tracker. It is supposed to be like a VR headband and you can see through its transparent visor and it is supposed to be able to act like a google maps visor too, and enables you to see the trail you have to follow to get to your destination.

Second Runner Up – Aiden

One World International School

Dumbbler: A combination of a 2kg dumbbell that functions as a drinking bottle too.

And That’s a Wrap! 🎬

As the confetti settles, and the spotlights dim, we’re reminded of the incredible talent and passion within our Tinkercad community. A huge shout-out to everyone who joined the adventure, shared their creations, and cheered on their friends. Remember, every model you’ve created is a step on your journey to becoming a 3D Modeler. 🌟

What’s Next? Don’t let the fun stop here! Keep exploring, learning, and creating. Keep your eyes peeled for our next challenge β€” because who knows? The next celebration could be all about YOUR amazing project.

The theme of the competition for the month of June will be revealed on the 1st of June.

Stay awesome, Modelers! Keep shining and see you at the next competition! πŸš€