Monthly Online Competition Winners

(Ages 7 – 13)


A fun and educational Scratch competition for kids age of 7-13, fostering STEAM skills and coding confidence.



We are thrilled to announce the winners of the January competition, which brilliantly combined the richness of Chinese culture and elegance of storytelling through design and code.

Participants all over Singapore showcased their spectacular talent, creating digital work inspired by Chinese New Year!

Each of the projects demonstrated the creativity of our contestants, making this competition a unique and captivating experience.

After meticulous evaluation of each project, we are delighted to introduce you to our competition winners!


Winner – Han Hyun Joon Mark

Cantonment Primary School

Put your memory to test with this witty game! This game proved a strong understanding and application in advanced concepts such as random, clones, and events.

First Runner Up – Koh Zhenxi

Rosyth School

Players will collect some new year goodies while avoiding firecrackers in order to win. The game demonstrates an excellent understanding of sequencing, events, and conditions. Well done!

Second Runner Up – Joshua Ellaga

Unity Primary School

Turn up your volume because this animation used text to speech creatively. It also focused on the tiny details of camera movement and good use of sprite costume changes! Well done!

Honorable Mentions

Jacob Leow Hong Rui & Alyssa Leow Yi Xin

Tanjong Katong Primary School

Liew-Yeo Caleb Ming

Tao Nan School

Justin Guo Yufan

National Junior College

And That’s a Wrap! 🎬

As the confetti settles, and the spotlights dim, we’re reminded of the incredible talent and passion within our Scratch community. A huge shout-out to everyone who joined the adventure, shared their creations, and cheered on their friends. Remember, every code you write, every sprite you animate, and every game you dream up is a step on your journey to becoming a Scratch Coding Superstar. 🌟

What’s Next? Don’t let the fun stop here! Keep exploring, learning, and creating. Keep your eyes peeled for our next challenge β€” because who knows? The next celebration could be all about YOUR amazing project.

The theme of the competition for the month of Feburary will be revealed on the 5th of Feburary.

Stay awesome, Scratchers! Keep shining and see you at the next competition! πŸš€