Program Overview

  • Training: Robotics Integration 40-Hour Onsite Workshop helps learners to experience situations where technicians may receive a large industrial system that requires assembly and installation. The learners will “unpack and test” and “test navigation programming” over the course of the units.
  • Place: 6-month Corporate Internship at top industry 4.0 companies, such as Beckhoff Automation, ABB Robotics, Widya Robotics, Chickin, British American Tobacco, etc., helps learners to develop communication & collaboration skills through team-based, project-based experiential practice in the real-world working environment.

Program Outcomes

Through this program, learners will get

  • International Certification by Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy.
  • Hands-on Collaborative Project-based Learning.
  • Paid Internship in TOP Industry 4.0 Companies.

Program Learning Content

Chapter 1: Testbed with Arduino (ShieldBot)

In this project, learners are asked to take inventory of the parts that are available in a kit. Students must keep track of progress using a checklist, and perform a series of tests with the system to ensure proper functionality:

  • Hardware Test.
  • Input / Output Test
  • Troubleshooting
Chapter 2: Open-Loop Navigation

In this unit, students learn to assemble a robot kit in separate subsystems:

  • Mobility, Power, and Control Subsystems.
Chapter 3: Camera Integration

In this unit, students learn to implement a vision-based system that provides navigation abilities, based on color, objects, and shapes. Users are expected to make mechanical adjustments, electrical re-wirings, and significant improvements to fully utilize the PixyCam on the Shieldbot:

  • Computer Vision: Blob Signatures
  • Robot Auto Parking

Program Details

Tentative Timeline:

  • Saturday, 6 Jul 10-11AM WIB: Info session 

  • Monday, 29 Jul: Registration close, company matching
  • Wednesday, 31 Jul: Internship Letter of Appointment issued
  • Monday, 2-6 Sep: FRA CMRA Industry 4.0 Professional Training & Certification

Tentative Internship Period:

  • Monday, 9 Sep – Friday, 28 Feb: Paid internship at top industry 4.0 companies

Program Price:

Option 1: 6 bulan cicilan x Rp 1,666,667 per bulan
Option 2: Rp 10,000,000 (1 peserta) di awal
Option 3: Rp 18,000,000 (2 peserta) di awal

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