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Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy

Certification Bootcamps

Unlock your potential in CS-STEM with the world's leading robotics program.

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy Authorizes Future Ready Academy as an

Official Education Partner

On 1st August 2023, Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Academy (CMRA) authorized Future Ready Academy as an Official Education Partner to provide K-12 students with Computer Science, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (CS-STEM) education and certification for CMRA programs.



Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy is an educational outreach of Carnegie Mellon University, and part of the university’s world-renowned Robotics Institute. It is committed to using the motivational effects of robotics to excite students about science and technology.  The Robotic Academy is located in the National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC), USA, where robots for business, government, and industry are designed, prototyped, and tested just outside our office doors.

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy Certification Bootcamps

The rapidly growing number of robotics, artificial intelligence, and automation companies signals a crucial need for future-ready students to be equipped with skills to build, maintain, service, and customize robotic and autonomous systems.

Get hands-on CS-STEM education using popular robotics platforms and become a certified student with the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy (CMRA)!

vocational training

Introduction to Programming: EV3

(Prerequisite: Pass FRA Pre-assessment)

It is designed to train core computer programming logic and reasoning skills using a robotics engineering context:

  • Basic Robotics Engineering Context
  • Intermediate Concepts of Programming
  • Building Solutions to Real-world Problems
vocational training

Introduction to Programming: VEX IQ

(Prerequisite: Pass FRA Pre-assessment)

It is designed to train the patterns and structure of not just robotics, but also programming and problem-solving skills:

  • Basic Robotics Movement
  • Touch, Distance, and Color Sensors
  • Decision Making Practice

FUTURE-READY Learning by Doing

Growth Mindset

Learn how to learn, how to adapt and use strategies to overcome challenges.

Hands-on Practice

Communicate and collaborate to develop solutions to real-world problems.

Job-ready Skills

Develop industry 4.0 skills in line with emerging and disruptive technology trends.


Get certified in programming with robotics (Lego, Vex, etc.), coding and computational thinking.


Develop important skills: resilience, perseverance, tenacity and empathy.

DSA Application

Direct School Admission (DSA) application to gain acceptance into ideal institutions.

FUTURE-READY Other Holiday Camps

vocational training

Build. Code. Play.

vocational training

Assemble. Code. Navigate.

vocational training

Create. Code. Go.

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