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“My son had a great time both during the Halloween Edition of Robotics Fun Time and his week-long Robotics Camp. He loved the way the lessons were conducted. The instructor demonstrated the concept and he’s free to construct anything. He loved the instructor’s guidance that refined and/ or corrected his robot design he built. He’s able to focus without distractions. In fact, he had been grumbling about the 3-hours lessons being too short. He hoped it could last longer.”

Tan Ee Ping, Parent

“My son had a great time today at the academy. It was enriching and fun as he tried with drones and food experiments. It was a totally different experience compared to other camps that he has attended. Special thanks to May too. She was patient and accommodating to our needs which is something beyond what she needs to do. Thanks again for making the day to be such a wonderful one for my son. Strongly recommend the camps for kids who are keen for a different learning and experience.”

Khim, Parent

“My son Daniel loves coding at Future Ready Academy. Jhin and the team do a great job of making things fun but challenging at the same time. Daniel says “it’s learning, but you don’t realise it’s learning because it’s so much fun.” Each week Daniel comes out from the class with a big smile and full of stories!” 

Iain MacDonald, Parent

“Excellent place to pick up skills on coding and robotic. They have good manager and passionate teachers.”

June Aw, Parent

“The courses they provided are very interesting and appropriate for kids. Also, the admin staff & teachers are very nice, friendly and professional!”

Meng Fanwen, Parent

“My kids enjoyed the lessons! They were able to share what they have learnt in class and explored more about robotics at home! They even shared with us what is a cpu and it’s function! We were impressed with what they have learnt. They have enjoyed learning through play. Thanks to the Teachers and team for making this possible. ”

Lim Zong Han, Parent

“Future Ready Academy has given my son a new platform to look at things differently. He enjoy the classes, especially on topic related to coding. The Teachers are friendly and they make the lesson fun and easy for my son to learn.”

Terence Ho, Parent

“My five year old son is currently enrolled in their robotics classes. At a young age he has a passion for STEM, and I am very happy that the Future Academy continues to foster that interest. He has a solid foundation of robotics that increases his curiosity to know know more. Also, their college aged teachers can relate well with children. My son is in several enrichment courses (swimming, martial arts, chinese, and robotics @ future academy), and this is without a doubt the class he looks forward to the most each week. I would highly recommend for your child, especially if they have mechanical aptitude/STEAM interests.”

Shayn Fuller, Parent

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