Model, Print & Animate

Suggested Age Group: 10 – 15

Camp Fee:  SGD 288 SGD 228

Duration:  4 Hours (2 Days X 2 Hours)

Option         Date                                                Time

     1           15th – 16th Oct  (Thur & Fri)             03.30pm – 05.30pm

     2           18th Oct (Sun)                                  11.00am – 04.00pm (1h Lunch Break)

     3           19th- 20th Oct (Mon & Tues)            01.30pm – 03.30pm

     4           22nd – 23rd Oct (Thur & Fri)            03.30pm –  05.00pm

Why Join This Camp? 

Let your imagination come alive in a digital world. 3D Animation is at the heart of games and virtual reality.

This specialty course will have campers dive head first into the exciting world of 3D modeling and animation, with 3D printing! Campers will have an incredibly fun time creating their own 3D art, including 3D characters, environments and animations  (with no prior drawing or art experience required) and will bring their creations into the real world using cutting edge 3D printers!

Learning Objectives/Outcomes:

  • Foster imagination & nurture creativity
  • Learn about motions to bring characters, vehicles, props and more to life in movies, games & edutainment.
  • Use 3D printing to make physical objects from 3D dgital models created in the 3D animation software.

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Model, Print and Animate

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Camp Fee: SGD 288 SGD 228

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