March 2020 Holiday Program

FUN with Health & Food Science

Age Group: 6-10 Years

Fee: $148

A: 23 March (Mon) | 9am – 1pm
B: 30 March (Mon) | 2pm – 6pm
C: 6 April (Mon) | 9am – 1pm
D: 13 April (Mon) | 2pm – 6pm

Duration: 1 Day x 4 Hours

—  Check out our Fun with Environmental Science program for a FULL fun day of science! — 

Protect Our Health
Health and hygiene are paramount for a good life.  So its never too early to educate them about personal hygiene in a fun and entertaining workshop

Germs Around Us
Bacteria are tiny organisms that are everywhere around us.  In this session, kids learn about what bacteria is, how we can test them and make their own edible bacteria culture dishes.

Make Your Own Sanitizer
Bacteria comes in different forms and shapes.  Some are good; some are bad.  In this session, kids learn about different types of bacteria and make their own sanitizer.  Cool isn’t it?

DNA Extraction
DNA is the blueprint of life.  However, it is difficult to understand this concept when you have no understanding of what DNA looks like.  Through this experiment, get a sense of what DNA is – extract DNA from a fruit and see it for yourself!

Acid Based Indicator Balls
Our foods have a range of PH making them acidic, neutral or basic.  Let’s explore different foods and their PH levels using PH indicators.

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