March 2020 Holiday Program

FUN with Environmental Science

Age Group: 6-12 Years

Fee: $148

A: 23 March (Mon) | 2pm – 6pm
B: 30 March (Mon)  | 9am – 1pm
C: 6 April (Mon) | 2pm – 6pm
D: 13 April (Mon) | 9am – 1pm

Duration: 1 Day x 4 Hours

—  Check out our Fun with Health and Food Science Program for a FULL fun day of science! — 

Have you ever thought how our actions can impact the environment we live in?  The fuels we burn, the plastic we use, etc.  There has to be a better way, such that our actions don’t cause much harm to the environment around us.

Edible Water Bottles
Did you know that plastic takes approximately 450 years to decompose?  In this experiment, you can explore how to protect the environment and learn how reducing plastic is possible.  Have fun making your own edible water bottle, while honing scientific thinking skills and future-driven ideas.

DIY Biofuel
Plants are a great source of energy and in recent years, have become a source of clean energy.  In this experiment, you will make your own biofuel and learn how alternative energy sources can replace traditional fossil fuels.

Save Our Seas
The ocean plays a major role in maintaining the balance of the Earth’s environment.  But anthropogenic activities have endangered the ocean’s ecosystem.  Oil spills are the greatest threat to the ocean and its wildlife.

Stacking Liquids
Explore various liquids with different densities.  With the use of food colouring, children will be creating eye-catching density tower to learn how liquids remain separated, how oil remains on the surface of water and how objects of different densities float or sink in various liquid mediums.

Cleaning Up Our Oily Mess
Have you ever heard of oil spills?  Do you know that the impact on the sea and creatures living in it?  In this experiment, you will learn how to clean up oil spills with ordinary household object that mimic the actual oil spill containment method used by professionals.  Engage yourself to brainstorm various creative ways to solve the “oily mess”.

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