Looking for an investment that pays off 100x+ MINIMUM?

Invest in making your child future ready

Are you unknowingly preparing your child for the soon-to-be outdated jobs or have you taken charge to help them give a head start that helps them in the future? Change the way you are preparing your kid for the future by making a small yet significant investment that will reap ever-increasing benefits for years to come. How? Talk to us, today!

An estimate of
800 million jobs
today will be replaced with automation by 2030

– McKinsey Global Institute

I don’t think there’s any way we can accurately say what skills and competencies students will need 15 years from now. That’s why it’s incumbent that we prepare young people for a world of constant uncertainty.

– Michael Chui

The new technology will destroy a lot of jobs. But it will also create a lot of jobs,” he said. “The question is whether we are ready and whether we are qualified for these new jobs.

– Jack Ma

These realities have been staring us in the face for quite a while now. Startling data says with crystal clarity that the job market of tomorrow will not require people who are trained in the skills of today.

But the question is, will you take action? 

The difference between your child taking the reins of life and struggling to upskill and reskill can be attributed to a simple decision you make today. The long term effects of a single spark of interest in subjects like robotics and coding, poised to be the job generators of tomorrow, can be truly astounding.

In fact, in a world obsessed with ROI, we can comfortably place the return of your investment in your child’s education to be over 100x!

The first step you can take to change your child’s life trajectory for the better is to educate yourself. So if you are still waiting and watching, we urge you to be aware of the massive changes coming upon us. And for a more detailed plan of action, you can always talk to us. Our curriculum is designed to not just instill future ready skills in kids but also inculcate the right attitude, social skills and outlook towards learning.

Our programs range from beginner to advanced and are well suited for any kid with that spark of genius. (P.S – We think ALL kids have that spark of genius!)

So head over to Future Ready Academy for a quick session with our counsellors who can fill you in on everything you need to know. This hour that you spend with us could change your child’s life for the better!
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