DATA is the new OIL. CODING is the new language.

In a world of exponential change driven by technological disruptions, many jobs will be replaced with automation and robots.  But new jobs will be created. Many of the new jobs created and to be created will need data and coding skills.

Enter Coding Classes for Kids!
In times past, programmers only received training at the university level, honing their skills as they transitioned to the workplace. However, history has shown that the big game-changers who have made a truly significant impact in the world of technology often started learning their trade early in life; at least in their early teenage years – think Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and more. Which explains why we at Future Ready Academy, love to create an environment that enable and empower youngsters with varying skill levels to discover coding and robotics.

Why Is Learning Coding So Important?

Learning programming early helps to develop the child’s brain as he/she acquires a more profound cognitive understanding of logical reasoning. The child’s computational thinking skill level increases as they learn writing programs or codes, which boosts their logical reasoning abilities; thus, having an enduring influence on their chosen future career. Over the next decade and beyond, computer programming is going to be one of the fastest-growing occupations in the world. With over a million job openings going unfilled in important fields like Analytics, Big Data, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence, Future Ready Academy seeks to provide our children with a robust foundation in problem-solving and logical thinking which will increase their chances of future success.

Coding isn’t just about understanding programming languages and writing lines of code. It also has numerous benefits that aid the evolution of well-rounded students. Here are some associated developmental benefits of coding in children:

CREATIVITY – Coding needs lots of creativity. With coding, we can develop our animated movies, computer games, and interactive digital work; this involves developing designs, animations, graphics, storytelling and also building imaginary characters and worlds.

TEAMWORK – Students are allowed to build projects together. This form of project management experience requires team communication, compromise, negotiation, and deliberations with others.

PROBLEM-SOLVING – By getting involved with creating solutions to general problems, kids can learn and practice how to asses and, breakdown big, complex issues into smaller, achievable steps.

EMPATHY – Whenever products are designed for use by other people we learn more about the user’s experience. We can learn about a person’s psychology by assessing their use of our product, and how best to make this experience as straight forward and pleasant as possible; this requires programmers to feel empathy towards others.

AUTHENTIC LEARNING – Since we are actually developing a product, and not merely researching and reading about it, our students eventually get to produce something that can be shared with their family and friends.

CONFIDENCE BOOSTING HOBBY – It isn’t easy being a kid who doesn’t fit into conventional schooling. Coding Classes for Kids provides an excellent alternative. It is an analytical and creative hobby capable of providing quite a different experience for our children. It’s always great to connect with a hobby that you genuinely enjoy and love.


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