AR Adventure with Iron Man


Suggested Age Group: 10 – 15

Camp Fee:  SGD 158 SGD 118

Duration:  2 Hours 

Option         Date                                  Time

     1             15th Oct  (Thursday)         10.30am – 12.30pm

     2             19th Oct  (Monday)           10.30am – 12.30pm

     3             22nd Oct  (Thursday)        10.30am – 12.30pm


Why Join This Camp? 

Suit up and solve problems like a superhero! Immerse in Augmented Reality (AR) Missions to build up your Iron Man robot’s arsenal of nanotech weaponry. As you complete different levels, earn new weapons and upgrade your armor to take on greater threats.

Encounter specialized enemy drones inspired by Iron Man’s iconic villains, like the Chitauri and Ebony Maw.

By combining cutting-edge ROBOTICS and cinematic AUGMENTED REALITY, we will bring you into the exciting world of Iron man like no other.

Create, command, and code custom animation sequences with block-based programming. Immerse your child in the Marvel world and experience epic battles!

Learning Objectives/Outcomes:

  • Learn how to control a robot
  • Understand motors, light & sound sensors
  • Code original action sequences
  • Have fun learning with robots

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Camp Fee: SGD 158 SGD 118

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