As parents, you are always striving hard to provide your children with the best. But you are also keenly aware of the balance you must strike in the confusing world of parenting.

You want to: Be good providers, but also: Ensure your child knows the value of work & money.

You want to: Help your kids in any way you can, but also: Give them the confidence to flourish on their own.

The paradoxes involved in parenting come up almost every day and to add to it all, it is set in the midst of increasingly complex times that seem to get harder to predict. Here are 7 things your kids need to know for a better future!

1. Long term vs. short term success

Most of our lives are about having the patience, persistence and grit to stick it out when times get tough. But when kids get stuck in the instant gratification loop because we as parents give in too easily, that can be a tough habit to break. So it is important to teach them that simple yet true adage, anything worth having doesn’t come easy.

2. Self confidence

In a world that is great at tearing people down, the ability to have unshakeable confidence is a definite winner in the toolkit of life. The secret? It’s all about developing a positive perspective. When failure become stepping-stones and challenges become fun adventures, you become unstoppable.

3. Financial literacy

A healthy idea about the concept of money is important. Teach your children how to handle and invest money, the earlier the better. Don’t let them develop negative associations with it; after all, it’s a major part of everyone’s life, so give them a head start at enjoying a healthy relationship with money.

4. The importance of good social relationships

The quality of our social relationships can be a major predictor for future success. But that’s not all; good social skills are also the deciding factor in many key areas of life like relationships, career and mental health. So if you have great social skills, pass them on! If not, don’t fret. The good news is that it can be learnt.

5. Skills that are future-proof

We need to be aware that jobs like lawyers, accountants and analysts are also under threat. In this era of transition, it is best to start thinking about the consequences of these technologies early and have a plan of action.

6. Finding unique ways of contributing to the world

Monotonous, routine tasks that people weren’t happy doing anyway can be taken off their hands and they can be free to pursue careers that are more satisfying. However, people need to find that sweet spot where their interests intersect and also find a way to make that relevant to the world. And yes, it can be as difficult as it sounds so beginning the treasure hunt early is always a good thing.

7. Adaptability

We all know that change is the only constant, but lately, we’ve also had to grapple with the fact that the rate of change is speeding up like never before. So how do you prepare your children to cope? Help them move away from perfectionism and let them be more playful and adaptable in their approach. It is sure to serve them well.

We hope these pointers have given you a lot of think about. Parenting has moved away from merely being the provider of food, clothing and shelter. The age of Parenting 2.0 is here and the journey promises to be quite a thrill!

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