Worry seems to be a natural by-product of parenthood! But how can you intelligently ease the constant pressure to ensure that your child has what it takes to succeed in the world of the future?

With technology taking over several repetitive and some analytical tasks, the focus is all set to shift on a strong set of soft skills. So, which among the list of soft skills is going to become the most sought after in the job candidates of the 2030s?

Here is a quick overview of the skills that will gain prominence in the coming years.

Great communication skills

The job candidate of the future will be someone who is comfortable expressing ideas and concepts in a variety of mediums of communication, which include spoken, written as well as non-verbal. Great communication skills will also help people get more adept at problem solving, which will get more and more creative in the coming years.


As the world continues to get smaller, the adults of the future will need to get comfortable with working in complex environments with an open mind.


Know thyself was, is and always will be the most essential piece of advice you will ever receive. And the fact that this made it on the list proves that the ancients knew what they were talking about! As time goes by, self-knowledge becomes even more essential as we begin to move away from backbreaking, soul-shattering work onto more meaningful and creative work.

Socio Cultural Skills

Society is increasingly aware of the not-so- desirable traits that it has been guilty of harboring. However, things are changing for good. Slowly but surely, we are becoming more aware of the true meaning of equality, freedom and what it means to live a good life. So integrity in every area of life is something that must be instilled in our future generations.


Instant gratification may sound fantastic, but it does not build mentally strong people. Having empathy, patience, a love of learning and the ability to collaborate, all stem from having the right amount of patience and knowing that we go further when we all move together. So a sense of patience and a belief in the power of community must be taught and nurtured in our young.

We understand that these concepts are very difficult to ‘teach’, however, even a little goes a long way. So we urge you all to plant the seeds of good in the upcoming generation so that they create a world we have only dreamed of!

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