July 2020 Online Holiday Camp

Adventure with Chinese I: Chinese Inventions

Suggested Ages:

7 – 12 Yrs


In 2020 on planet Earth, we have gathered information that an evil scientist, Dr. Gloomi Doom, from Star 326 has unleashed his grand evil plan. He wants to control the minds of the 5.5 billion people on planet Earth to build his galactic empire! He is first attacking the Chinese civilization because it has the largest population – 1.3 billion people.

We need to move fast! Things in the present are disappearing! People are losing their memories!

Robot 佳佳 (Jia Jia) and his sidekick cats, 阴阴 (Yin Yin) and 阳阳 (Yang Yang) are on their way here to help.

We need YOU to go with them and help stop this madness immediately!

Are you going to help us, my young friend?

Let’s go back in time to learn about relevance of Chinese history and culture with the contemporary world we live in today!


Learning Outcome:

In this 2-day camp, youths will:

  • Integrate digital storytelling with fun and immersive Chinese language learning process
  • Cultivate curiosity in exploring extensive and profound Chinese histories and cultures
  • Develop a growth mindset by learning how historical Chinese inventors overcame challenges
  • Nurture an appreciation and critical thinking for the world’s history and culture!


Camp Schedule:

6 Hours (4 x 1.5-Hour) ONLINE Lessons: 1.5h per day

Option Date Time
1 18 July (Sat) – 21 July (Tue) 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
2 22 July (Wed) – 25 July (Sat) 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm


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* Workshop Prerequisite:

  • A PC/laptop with high-speed internet broadband.
  • An e-mail address to receive the link for online lessons.

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Camp Fee: SGD368 SGD 128

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